Bundled Hernia Care, Nationally

Hernia Connect gives self-insured employers and third party administrators access to a network of top quality surgeons committed to transparency and quality

Michael Reinhorn, MD

“We are a network of like-minded surgeons who are working together to improve value in hernia surgery for patients and those who pay for their care.”

- Michael Reinhorn, MD

Transparency Badge

Value Commitment

Employers and health plans are demanding transparency and comprehensive bundled solutions.

Quality Commitment

Participating surgeons in Hernia Connect must belong to the foremost quality collaborative for our specialty, the ACHQC.

General Surgeon vs. Hernia Connect Surgeon


One type of repair for every patient


Expert tailored approach to individual needs


Performs 50 repairs per year


Hernia specialists performing 100s of repairs


High risk of recurrence (3%)


Reduced risk of recurrence (1%)


High surgical site occurrences (5-12%)


Reduced surgical site occurrences (3%)


High risk of chronic pain (5-15%)


Reduced risk of chronic pain (0.0%)


Unmonitored, unreported outcomes


Monitored outcomes, quality assurance


Increased risk of pain after surgery and use of opiods


Advanced postop pain treatments with reduced need for opiods

The Best for Your Employees

When it comes to hernia surgery, having the right surgeon can mean the difference between a healthy employee or a pain ridden employee. That’s why it’s important to choose the right surgeon the first time. Hernia Connect surgeons specialize in hernia surgery. We perform 2-10x the number of hernia repairs than general surgeons. We connect on our commitment to quality improvement. This focused approach has led to significantly better outcomes for our patients including less pain, less opioid use, and the lowest recurrence rates.

Return to Work Faster & Healthier

Time lost to prolonged recovery, pain, or hernia recurrence can be a greater expense than the surgery itself. Employers can avoid this complication and keep employees healthy and productive by choosing a Hernia Connect surgeon. We work to minimize risks of complications and understand how hernias, repairs, and recovery impact patients' quality of life. We tailor care to allow patients to get back to their livelihood, work, and what's important to them as soon as possible after surgery.